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著者タイトル雑誌・本, 巻: ページ
著者タイトル雑誌・本, 巻: ページ
Wood, C., Tomida, H., Kim, J.-H., Lee, K-S., Cho, H.-J., Nishida, S., Djamaluddin, I., Hur, W.-H., Kim, H.-J, Kim, S.-H., Koike, H., Fujita, G., Higuchi, H. and Yahara, T. in press (online 2013) New perspectives on habitat selection by the Black-faced Spoonbill Platalea minor based upon satellite telemetry.  Bird Conservation International.  
Araya K & Fujioka M in press Notes on the new third species of the genus Chewlucanus Ikeda et Katsura, 2000 (Coleoptera, Lucanidae) described from North Sumatra.  
Nishida S, West D, Crockford S and Koike H in press Ancient DNA analysis for the sea otter (Enhydra lutris) from archaeological sites on Adak, Aleutian Islands The People Before: The Archaeology and Paleobiology of Adak Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska 
Yamane, A. and Nishida, S. in press Fine-scale spatial genetic structure and genetic diversity among clouded salamander (Hynobius neblosus) populations. Current Herpetology 
Yoshihisa ABE and Kazuhiko KONISHI  in press  New distributional and host records for the parasitoid Gronotoma adachiae (Hymenoptera: Figitidae: Eucoilinae) in Asia  Entomological Science  
Yoshihisa ABE, Mantu BHUYAN, Jiten MECH, Pranab R. BHATTACHARYYA, Tatsuya IDE, Misako MISHIMA, Chika SUYAMA, Shinsuke SATO, Kazunori MATSUO and Nakatada WACHI  in press  Discovery of an oak gall wasp (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) inducing galls on deciduous oak trees in India  Entomological Science  
Kano Y, Iida M, Tetsuka K, Saitoh T, Kato F, Nishida S 2014  Effect of waterfalls on fluvial fish distribution and landlocked Rhinogobius brunneus populations on Yakushima Island, Japan Ichthyological research (in press) 
鹿野雄一・中島淳 2014 小–中型淡水魚における非殺傷的かつ簡易な魚体撮影法 魚類学雑誌(印刷中) 
中島 淳・鹿野雄一 2014 沖永良部島における Xiphophorus maculatus (Günther, 1866) の 定着記録と新標準和名サザンプラティフィッシュの提唱 魚類学雑誌 61:48-51 
Kano Y, Adnan MSB, Grudpan C, Grudpan J, Magtoon W, Musikasinthorn P, Natori Y, Ottomanski S, Praxaysonbath B, Phongsa K, Rangsiruji A, Shibukawa K, Shimatani Y, So N, Suvarnaraksha A, Thach P, Thanh PN, Tran DD, Utsugi K, Yamashita T 2013 An online database on freshwater fish diversity and distribution in Mainland Southeast Asia Ichthyological Research 60: 293-295 
Kano Y, Kawaguchi Y, Yamashita T, Sekijima T, Shimatani Y & Taniguchi Y 2013 A passive integrated transponder tag implanted by a new alternative surgical method: effects on the oriental weather loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) and application in a small irrigation system Landscape and Ecological Engineering 9: 281-287 (doi: 10.1007/s11355-011-0152-5) 
Kano Y, Miyazaki Y, Tomiyama Y, Mitsuyuki C, Nishida S & Rashid ZA 2013 Linking Mesohabitat Selection and Ecological Traits of a Fish Assemblage in a Small Tropical Stream (Tinggi River, Pahang Basin) of the Malay Peninsula Zoological Science 30: 185-191 
Kano Y, Sato T, Huang L, Wood C, Bessho K, Matsumoto T, Shimatani Y, Nakajima J 2013 Navigation disturbance and its impact on fish assemblage in the East Tiaoxi River, China Landscape and Ecological Engineering 9: 281-287 (doi: DOI 10.1007/s11355-011-0181-0) 
Li J, Huang L, Sato T, Zou L, Jiang K, Yahara T, Kano Y 2013 Distribution pattern, threats and conservation of fish biodiversity in the East Tiaoxi, China Environmental Biology of Fishes 96:519-533 
Miyazaki Y, Kano Y, Tomiyama Y, Mitsuyuki C, Rashid ZA 2013 Ichthyofaunal assessment of the Gelami and Tinggi Rivers, Pahang River System,eastern Malay Peninsula, following construction of an adjacent building complex Check List 9: 1035-1042 
Nakajima J, Sato T, Kano Y, Huang L, Kitamura J, Li J & Shimatani Y 2013 Fishes of the East Tiaoxi River in the Zhejiang Province, China Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters 23: 327-343 
Kano Y, Nishida S & Nakajima J 2012 Waterfalls drive parallel evolution in a freshwater goby Ecology and Evolution 2: 1805–1817 (open access) 
Li J, Huang L, Zou L, Kano Y, Sato T & Yahara T. 2012 Spatial and temporal variation of fish assemblages and their associations to habitat variables in a mountain stream of north Tiaoxi River, China Environmental Biology of Fishes 93:403-417 
Nakayama H 2012 Complex asymmetric male genitalia of Anevrina Lioy (Diptera: Phoridae) Arthropod Structure & Development, 41: 35-49. 
(監修)島谷幸宏 (文章)林博徳ほか (写真)鹿野雄一ほか 2012 アザメの瀬図鑑 九州大学流域システムエ学研究室 
鹿野雄一・中島 淳・水谷 宏・仲里裕子・仲里長浩・揖 善継・黄 亮亮・西田 伸・橋口康之 2012 西表島におけるドジョウの危機的生息状況と遺伝的特異性 魚類学雑誌 59: 37-43 
Abe Y, Ide T & Wachi N  2011 Discovery of a new gall-inducing species in the inquiline tribe Synergini (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae): inconsistent implications from biology and morphology  Annals of the Entomological Society of America 104 : 115-120 
Adachi-Hagimori, T., K. Miura and Y. Abe 2011 Gene flow between sexual and asexual strains of parasitic wasps: a possible case of sympatric speciation caused by a parthenogenesis-inducing bacterium. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24:1254-1262  
Araya K & Kon M 2011 Redescription of the male of Aegus hikidai Araya, 1994 originally described from Mt. Mulu, Sarawak, Malaysia in Borneo  
Johki Y, Araya K & Kon M 2011 A new species of Leptaulax (Coleoptera, Passalidae) from the Malay Peninsula  
Kano Y, Ohnishi K, Tomida Y, Ikeda N, Iwawaki N, Miyagawa M, Harada Y, Ichiyanagi H & Watanabe K 2011 Fluctuation and variation in stream-fish assemblages after a catastrophic flood in the Miyagawa River, Japan Environmental Biology of Fishes 92: 447-460 
Kano Y, Watanabe K, Nishida S, Kakioka R, Wood C, Shimatani Y & Kawaguchi Y 2011 Population genetic structure, diversity and stocking effect of the oriental weatherloach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) in an isolated island Environmental Biology of Fishes 90: 211–222 
Miyoshi, K., Nishida, S., Sone, E., Tajima, Y., Makara, M., Yoshioka, M., Nakamura, M., Yamada, T. K. and Koike, H. 2011 Molecular identification of novel alpha- and gammaherpesviruses from cetaceans stranded on Japanese coasts. Zoological Science 
Sato T, Nakajima J, Huang L, Shimatani Y, Hirota KS, Wood C & Kano Y 2011 Distribution pattern of loaches (Teleostei: Cobitoidea) in the East Tiaoxi River, China Folia Zoologica 60:328-334 
Shigematsu A, Mizoue N, Kajisa T & Yoshida S 2011 Importance of rubberwood in wood export of Malaysia and Thailand  New forests 
Wachi N, Ide T & Abe Y  2011 A new inquiline species of Saphonecrus (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Synergini) associated with cecidomyiid galls on oak trees in Japan  Annals of the Entomological Society of America 104:369-373 
Wachi, N., T. Ide, and Y. Abe 2011 Taxonomic status of two species of Andricus (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) described by Shinji (1940, 1941) as gall inducers on Cyclobalanopsis.  Annals of the Entomological Society of America 104:620-626  
Yulin Gao, Zhongren Lei, Yoshihisa Abe and Stuart R. Reitz  2011  Species displacements are common to two invasive species of leafminer fly in China, Japan, and the United States  Journal of Economic Entomology 104: 1771-1773  
田中亘・鹿野雄一・山下奉海・斉藤慶・河口洋一・島谷幸宏 2011 佐渡島の河川のドジョウ密度を決定する要因とその保全策への応用 応用生態工学 14: 1-9 
Htun N Z, Mizoue N, Kajisa T & Yoshida S 2010 Deforestation and forest degradation as measures of Popa Mountain Park (Myanmar) effectiveness Environmental Conservation 36: 218–224 
Ide T, Wachi N & Abe Y 2010 Discovery of a new Plagiotrochus species (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) inducing galls on the evergreen oak in Japan  Annals of the Entomological Society of America 103: 838-843 
Kano Y, Kawaguchi Y, Yamashita T & Shimatani Y 2010 Distribution of the oriental weatherloach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, in paddy fields and its implications for conservation in Sado Island, Japan Ichthyological Research 58: 180-188 
Kano Y, Kondou T & Shimizu Y 2010 Present status and conservation of the markless forms of stream-resident masu salmon Oncorhynchus masou (the so-called ‘iwame’) in Japanese mountain streams Ichthyological Research, 57: 78-84 
Kao D, Mizoue N, Top N, Kajisa T & Yoshida 2010 Stand dynamics of tropical seasonal evergreen forest in central Cambodia Journal of Forest Planning16:27-32 
Matsumoto K 2010 Causal factors for spatial variation in long-term phenological trends in Ginkgo biloba L. in Japan International Journal of Climatology 
Mimura M & SN Aitken 2010 Local adaptation at the range peripheries of Sitka spruce Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 249-258 
Okayasu T, Okuro T, Undarmaa J, Takeuchi K 2010  Impact of the spatial and temporal arrangement of pastoral use on desertification around animal concentration points Land Degradation and Development 
Watanabe K, Kano Y, Takahashi H, Mukai T, Kakioka R & Tominaga K 2010 GEDIMAP: a database of genetic diversity for Japanese freshwater fishes Ichthyological Research, 57: 107-109 
佐藤辰郎・鹿野雄一・黄亮亮・李建華・島谷幸宏 2010 GPSロガー, Google Earth, Landsat衛星画像を用いた中国・東苕渓川流域の河川環境の現状把握 河川技術(16): 47-52 
鹿野雄一・北村淳一・河村功一 2010 絶滅危惧種ウシモツゴの繁殖生態と保全策,および近縁種モツゴとの比較 魚類学雑誌,57:43-50 
中山裕人 2010 福岡市南公園で観察されたアオバトシラミバエの生活史の一端 衛生動物, 61: 125-128. 
Kajisa T, Murakami T, Mizoue N, Top N & Yoshida S 2009 Object-based forest biomass estimation using Landsat ETM+ in Kampong Thom province, Cambodia Journal of Forest Research, 14:203–211 
Mooney H, Larigauderie A, Cesario M, Elmquist T, Hoegh-Guldberg O, Lavorel S, Mace G M, Palmer M, Scholes R & Yahara T 2009 Biodiversity, climate change, and ecosystem services COSUST, 1: 46-54 
Nishida S and Koike H 2009 Isolation and characterization of compound microsatellite loci in the tri-spine horseshoe crab (Tachypleus tridentatus) Conservation Genetics Resources (DOI 10.1007/s12686-009-9153-1) 
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