GCOE International Seminar

Date: 12 Sep 2010 (Sunday) 10:00-12:30

Location: Biology Lecture Room 1, Hakozaki campus, Kyushu University (Ground floor.  Access from the south end of The Science Building No.3.  map


10:00-10:05     Welcome speech  (Prof. Tetsukazu Yahara, chair of GCOE)

11:05-11:10     Introduction (Dr. Yusuke Onoda)

10:10-11:10     Dr. Niels Anten (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)             Light competition during early secondary forest succession: How does it work and can we give it direction?

11:10-11:20     Break

11:20-11:50     Prof. Yoh Iwasa (Kyushu University)     Evolution of masting -- synchronized and intermittent reproduction of trees.

11:50-12:20     Dr. Yasuhiro Utsumi (Kyushu University Forest)          Xylem structure and water transport pathway of broadleaf trees in Japan

12:20-12:30     Closing remarks

12:30-          Lunch and discussion (rsvp)

The seminar is free and open for everybody.

 Enquiry: Yusuke Onoda (092-642-2752 or yusuke.onoda (at) gmail.com)