2013.09.12 Mini-symposium on biodiversity monitoring and database in tropical Asia

14:00-16:30 at 理学部生物学科第一会議室(理学部本館2階、生物事務室となり)

1)Tetsukazu Yahara: Toward developing plant species database in tropical Asia
2)Dedy Darnaedi: Biodiversity database in Indonesia
3)Ibrahim Djamaluddin: GIS Web Server for Biodiversity information System
4)Yuichi Kano: Freshwater fish database in Southeast and East Asia
5)Motomi Ito: Biodiversity database under GRENE (Green Network of Excellence)
6)Takeshi Osawa: Achievements and challenges of biodiversity database in Japan
7)Tsuyoshi Hosoya: Integration of red lists and invasive species lists on ESABII